About Us

Our Story

The Crafter’s Collage got its roots in the beautiful, alluring mountains of North Carolina back in  November 2015.  It started out as a local group on social media with the idea of showing the community the stunning handiwork that was available in the region. The quality and craftsmanship of these artisans was much to be admired, therefore the group was created so the artificers could have their handiwork visible in another outlet other than the seasonal craft shows.


Artisans give so much of themselves into each one-of-a-kind product they create but because of cookie cutter manufactured items being turned out hand over fist, the craftsman is unable to compete with the bottom dollar and has to take their love and passion for a talent they have been given and go work a painstaking job that brings them no satisfaction or true reward. Their passion for fine art, creativity and dedication to quality is only a weekend hobby, rather than the full time endeavor they want it to be.


Crafter’s Collage wants our vendors to be financially successful. Find out how you can use this platform for Free* by clicking here.


We promote you and your products at no additional price. You focus on making, and let us do the selling,


Crafter’s Collage only accepts verified handmade items from local vendors. We allow nothing produced overseas on a machine in a sweatshop. Ever!


Unlike most platforms, Crafter’s Collage provides you a wealth of benefits to help your business grow in both a virtual and real world environment.

Our Community

The Crafter’s Collage began with “community” in mind and we have every intention on staying that way! Our foundation starts at the local level and expands globally so each artisan is given an opportunity to turn their hobby into a fulfilling career if they choose.


How does “global” and “local” go hand in hand? Artisans are discovered by other Crafter’s Collage members, and those artisans are brought into a local group for their community to discover. Using this method gives buyers a more solid idea of the quality of the work created by the artist, which ensures that true, authentic, hand-made works are being sold.

Our Latest Projects

How will Crafter’s collage help?


Here at the Crafter’s Collage, we understand how much labor goes into each unique piece the artisan creates. We also acknowledge that most crafters don’t have the time, desire, or possibly the know-how when it comes to maintaining a website or page. The Crafter’s Collage offers various means to help each craftsman reach their world whether it is on the local level or globally so that they can focus on what the are gifted at and create elaborate pieces that comes from their heart and hands.