Why Crafter's Collage

The Crafter’s Collage was built for artisans by people who are passionate about arts and crafts, but more importantly, those that love home-based business. As a company, Crafter’s Collage is here to help ensure the success of every vendor using our system. Furthermore, we are flexible and can build custom functions based on the needs of our vendors. We are pleased to bring you this opportunity and hope that you will be glad that you came. Unlike other companies, we are here to provide valuable solutions at a real-life price that everyone can afford. We look forward to welcoming you to our family very soon.

Talented and Willing

Local artists and crafters have a unique talent that many e-commerce platforms love to exploit. However, at the Crafter’s Collage, we look at things a lot differently. Our goal and our focus are on creating the ability for local artisans and crafters to prosper using our system. We are not here for our bottom line. So for those of you willing to get on board with the Crafter’s College we are sure you will not be disappointed.

Team Work

When you join the Crafter’s Collage, you are joining more than just an e-commerce marketplace. By joining the Crafter’s Collage you are gaining a family of people just like you that have a servant’s heart, and a desire to help you succeed. So, what have you got to lose? Exactly.

Encouraging New Entrepreneurs

If you believe you have a talent and ability that can be turned into a business, let our team of professionals show you how. By using the Crafter’s Collage platform, we can help you create a business around what you love to do, by simply focusing on what you love to do. We have an extraordinary team of individuals, (and some successful business owners), that are willing to help make a business out of your business. We do the hard work, this gives you more time to grow and develop your skills, and quite possibly give you the ability to teach your skills to another generation of budding young enthusiasts.

Second to None

Most Artisans and Crafters have no real idea of the value that they bring to the table. Their work is custom work, not machine made work. With that said, we want to empower our artisans and crafters to see the real value in their work and the price associated with it. For those artisans and crafters that don’t really know what their work is worth, our team of experts will help you maximize your revenues by helping you to price your products according to what the market will bring.