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Ours is an easy breezy platform that allows you to pick out your favorites. Just choose from the many Crafter’s Collage products and earn commission on the sale of every item you affiliate with.

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A simple sign up procedure gets you a quick approval! Just do this and wait till our affiliate team gets in touch with you. We will guide you and get you started instantly to earning commissions like a pro!

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Our teams are here to help you, enlighten you and advice you. Crafter’s Collage believes in keeping its affiliates well informed by being in touch with them constantly. You get product and policy updates, newsletters, chance at promotions and more!

 What is Crafter’s Collage ?

Crafter’s Collage is the ultimate artisan marketplace where you will find people and talent from around the world. Come together to connect, buy and sell beautiful handmade crafts and unique vintage products.

Understand Crafter’s Collage’s Affiliate Program

Crafter’s Collage’s Affiliates Program is as simple as it can be. Now you can earn commission on the sale of every Crafter’s Collage product the link to which you feature on your site. Every third party is entitled to a percentage of revenue on every qualifying sale that would result from featuring links to our products and other content on their site. We support you not only in English but French and German as well.

Find out If You Are Eligible for Crafter’s Collage’s Affiliate Program

We are not just an online store but a world of talent from the world over. You are bound to find something for everyone at Crafter’s Collage. This universality is what makes us unique and this in turn makes you and everyone like you more than eligible to apply. However, there are certain exceptions to that rule. For more information visit…

Understanding Commissions

You can earn a commission on each qualifying sale that excludes returns and cancellations. To find out about our cookie period and other related information and policies contact our team at We are more than happy to help.

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