Become A Curator Today!

Welcome to the most rewarding job you will ever do! You have chosen to have your own Crafter’s Collage™  business and we know you will give your all because of the passion you have for those that create with their hands, their minds and their hearts.

By definition, a Curator is someone who manages an art collection or exhibit. As a Crafter’s Collage™ Curator, you will be bringing in various artisans from your local community into a group to showcase their work using whatever social media outlets are available to you. Furthermore, by using the platform provided by the Crafter’s Collage™, we can help ensure your business to be a success not only on the Internet but in your local community as well.

How is Crafter’s Collage different from other craft marketplaces?

There are websites and programs around the world that offer to allow artisans and crafters to showcase and sell their work. Most of them come at a price or some financial benefit to the company offering in their services. Unlike those companies, the Crafter’s Collage brings together the ability for both financial and artistic resources to stay within the local community. Moreover, our uniquely-designed platform was established to create small businesses everywhere, not just one company that ultimately controls it all.

Here are just a few differences between us and the competition:

We start locally.

We have Curators in communities going to local fairs, shows or using any other avenue that caters to Artisans. While at these events they can bring  artisans to our site; therefore the Curator can guarantee the merchandise is hand hewn.

Financial Benefits

As a prospective business owner, the biggest question you probably have is, “How do I make money?” At the Crafter’s Collage we offer you a plethora of ways to not only create upfront cash but to earn long-term residual income from a variety of revenue sources.

Employee Opportunities

Our Curators have the ability to hire workers to perform a variety of tasks. Office personnel, marketers, advertising executives, and even event and other support staff may be needed to run a Crafter’s Collage Curator’s Office as they grow and develop their business.

Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Curators have the ability to help others create opportunities for themselves. By becoming a part of the Crafter’s Collage™, Curators can help open doors for private individuals to start their own businesses that ultimately become a part of a local Curator’s Collage

Thinking Global and Acting Local

By becoming a part of the Crafter’s Collage family, you can help your local artisans in your community, and to get exposure around the world. As a global platform, we desire to tell the mission around the world, and as a local community, we will do all we can to help promote our franchise owners

We offer various opportunities to earn income.

Unlike other sites having one way of earning income for those eager to work from home, we supply many opportunities for both the artisans and consumers. From advertising to reselling, the Crafter’s Collage™ platform will provide you with the ability to generate as many revenue streams as you are able to handle.

Additional services

The Crafter’s Collage is all about helping those with a talent in every trade. From Photographers to writers, cake decorators to graphic artists, entertainment and everything in between, there is a place for you, too!


Our system is not allocated to just one means of shipping, choose from one that is best suited for you.

How does a Curator make money?

This is your business and the more you work it, the more money potential you have. The ways to earn are as follows:

Have it your way.

Choose which program(s) works best for you as a craftsman, including the option of having others sell for you.

Buy local, stay local

Whether you are a consumer or artisan, our site provides you with the choice to buy and sell within a specific area and only that area.

More payment options.

Choose from our many safe, familiar payment gateways, opt for your own processing or work through our processing network and earn cash back.

Brand Recognition

All Crafter’s Collage Curators can create and promote their own brand.

  • Affiliate link
    Once you sign into our system as a Curator it will automatically create an affiliate link that you will then use for the members of your group. An artisan cannot sign up as a vendor without a link.  As a Curator, you will receive 30% of the sign-up fee that the artisan must pay to use our site. If the artisan chooses the wholesale feature, then you earn a percentage of the item sold.
  • Recruiting
    When you bring in another Curator, you will earn 10% of the sign-up fees from the artisans they bring to our site. When those Curators bring on another Curator, you earn 3% and then 1% of the next Curator in line. These funds are guaranteed every year!
  • Credit Card Processing
    Invite group members to use our Mobile Reader and receive residual income from the processing.
  • Special Services
    Your group should have many artisans available who are photographers, writers, or graphic artists. Their skills can provide you with another income revenue.  Some of the Crafter’s in your group may want professional pictures of their work. Send them to a photographer and earn a percentage of the monies earned. If an artisan wants a logo, provide them with a selection of local graphic artists that will do the work and you earn money!
  • Advertising
    As a franchise owner, you can promote small business in your community in your marketplace.

What requirements must be met by a Curator?

This is a business, a franchise, and like any business, one must invest in it to make it become what you envision it to be.  For a low monthly maintenance fee of $10 (price subject to change), you will have access to all the features our system offers and support when needed.

Time! You must be willing to invest time, however, it can be as flexible as you want it. On average it takes 2-4 hours a week depending on how you promote your business. Shows are not included in this estimation. Be sure to revert back to the introduction section on the ways to promote your business.

One of the most important requirements is to have integrity. Not only are you representing our company and your business, but you are also representing the artisans in your group.


Now that you have registered in our system for your own franchise and have received your affiliate link these are the next steps in maintaining a successful business.

  1. Start a group on Facebook and call the group whatever you wish. This is YOUR group; however, you may NOT use Crafter’s CollageTM or any titles resembling such.
  2. Bring artisans into your group by accessing yard sale sites in the radius of the areas you have under your care. Use one or both suggestions below.

First Time Post

  1. a) Post a simple question of who makes things in the area. People tag those that do or at least show you designs that they have done.
  2. b) invite those that have personally responded to your post by providing the link to your group of artisans on the thread.

Subsequent Posts

  1. a) Future posts can be posted on these local sites inviting artisans and consumers into your group. Make sure the link is added to the post. (Examples of these posts will be listed on another page).
  2. Once at least 30 reliable, true-blue artisans have been added to your group, begin telling them about the website. Those that are interested tell them you will send them a PRIVATE message about the site and our Q&A group. Here they will get any questions answered they may have. Once they are satisfied with how it all works they MUST have your affiliate link to register to the site.