Many of these vendors have used fair festivals and other events to have a platform to sell their goods, and we want to stick with that theme.

Selling on the Crafter’s Collage works just like other E-commerce Stores, or any other ecommerce mall with two exceptions: We do not allow our Vendor to sell anything that they did not make, and we don’t charge a fee to use our site if you use Pay Anywhere our payment partner.

There are two ways you can explore our catalog of products.

  1. by searching through our categories and narrowing down on what you may be looking for.
  2. by being exact and using the search function by using the magnifying glass icon

Or if you want you can search by booths and find other products you may love.

On their store pages, they will list their contact information for you to contact them for more information.

If the query pertains to a product you will need to contact the vendor. through their contact information listed on their store page.

It will need to be asked for in their additional information on the checkout page

If the query pertains to a product you will need to contact the vendor. through their contact information listed on their store page.

please give them 5 business days to respond, but if they do not get back to you in that time please contact us on our contact page.

Yes. We adhere to all safety and privacy standards to online shopping.

The product will be dispatched either at the completion of the product or at the earliest availability of the vendor.

It depends on the vendor. you will need to ask the vendor directly for an estimate on time needed.

It depends on the shipping speed purchased in the check out menu

It depends on the size and weight of the product. The vendor you are purchasing from will provide that information.

Crafter’s Collage accepts all major credit and debit cards.

The Crafter’s Collage charges their Vendors 5% plus transaction fees. However, if you use our payment partner Pay Anywhere, Vendors pay nothing to use the Crafter’s Collage. The simply pay their transaction costs due to Pay Anywhere.

Once you have been approved as a Vendor you will be able to set up your booth and sell some products. For more infomation, follow the walkthroughs down below.

Anything that you personally make by hand.

You will need information about yourself, your store, address, phone number, website, and any other information you would like to provide.

Yes, Crafter’s Collage is a platform that supports rewards artisans, and a no point do we want to stifle them or their business.

Yes. The Crafter’s Collage site is simply a platform for artisans and customer to connect. You have your own brand, your own store front, and your own policies and procedures.

There is never a listing fee to post an item.

5%, (waived if you use Pay Anywhere as your payment processor).

All products have to be approved by the admin. In short, we want to ensure that only handmade items are sold here.

All order(s) will be emailed to you. You will know in almost real time of any order received.

At this time, Crafter’s Collage is only being offered in the United States. However, future plans to roll out in other countries are under way and you will be informed as to when that is allowed.

When Crafter’s Collage allows international orders, you will be able to configure your Shipping to set up appropriate international shipping options.

Our system is set to invoice as a feature requirement for future development. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

No. Just simply agree to the terms and conditions, create your own policies, and you are good to go.

We actually never touch your money. Our system is set up so that you can use PayPal or our Pay Anywhere payment options. This ensures that funds from each order are sent directly to you less any applicable fees due to Crafter’s Collage.

You are free to come and go as you please.


How to make an account on the Crafter’s Collage

  • Go to the “my account” page by clicking the my account button on the top right in the page.
  • Once on the “my account” select the register link above the login, or swipe the page to the right, and fill out that information.
    • if you are looking to become a vendor select the “Apply to become a vendor” box.

How to Sign-up as a Curator on the Crafter’s Collage

  • On your “My Account” page select the Curator Dashboard button in the sub-navigation.
  • after which fill out the Curator application information you will contact with further information.
  • to find out more about this program, click here.

How to Sign-up as a Vendor and Open a Booth on the Crafter’s Collage

  • If you are creating a new account for your Booth, follow the “How to make an account on the Crafter’s Collage” and select the “Apply to become a vendor” box.
  • have your business information at the ready during the signup process

or, if you want to use your current Crafters Collage account:

  • On your “My Account” page select the Vendor Dashboard button in the sub-navigation.
  • Be sure to have a payment processor to be able to collect payments from your customers and enter that information on your vendor dashboard: Booth Dashboard>Setting>Payment.
  • If you do not have a payment processor or looking for a change, Please read our information and option we provide by clicking here.

How to Add a Product to your Booth

  • Start by going to your vendor dashboard.
  • Then be sure you are on you Booth Dashboard section.
  • In the sub-navigation below that select the products section.
  • Once there click the “Add Products” button
  • fill out the products information
  • Once you finish making the product you can either save as a draft to save for later or save for pending.

If you select “Save Draft”

  • the product will be kept as a draft until the vendor changes it to pending
  • the vendor can change it to pending on the store section in the booth dashboard

If you select “Save Pending”

  • the product will be marked as pending until approved by on of our moderators.
  • this process could take up to 24 hours.