Gift Cards and Vouchers

Using Gift Cards or Gift Vouchers on Crafter’s Collage provides you gift Cards or vouchers in the electronic format. You can also opt to send these Gift Vouchers directly to the recipients. A PDF file format can be obtained by you via mail, then printed later on to be gifted to the recipient in person.
Gift vouchers come in different price denominations.

You can buy, use gift cards to buy gifts for yourself or present them to others. Any recipient can use this gift certificate to buy products from Crafter’s Collage which can meet their needs exactly. In case you have purchased the gift voucher or card for yourself, you can easily check the voucher code on your balance accounts. Gift voucher codes can be used as discount coupons or a payment method when you check out. Your Crafter’s Collage gift voucher would be delivered to you by email or post office. If you decide to present more than one recipient with an Crafter’s Collage gift voucher, just fill in multi-shipping addresses ad you can surprise all your friends at the same time. In case you purchase a voucher for someone other than yourself, the coupon code will be delivered directly to the recipient and not to you. After having received your Gift Voucher code, you can easily check your Gift Voucher balance and status.

Important notice: All Gift Vouchers might not be available on our mobile website. Please access the desktop version of our website to avail this service.

Do bear in mind that all of Crafter’s Collage’s Gift Vouchers have a definite lifespan and that is of 12 months from the date of issue and NOT the date the recipient gets them. Every Gift Voucher comes with an expiry date marked on it. Any voucher which is not used within this 12 month period will expire and the benefits or funds on it will be lost and stand irredeemable. All recipients of any Gift Vouchers from Crafter’s Collage including its customers need to have a valid email address.

Crafter’s Collage DOES NOT allow its customers to purchase one Gift Voucher(s) with another Gift Voucher(s). Crafter’s Collage’s Gift Vouchers may be purchased only using a valid Debit or Credit Card. Customers are NOT allowed to purchase Gift Vouchers with their PayPal account.
Gift Vouchers DO NOT qualify for return. For more information please read the terms and conditions regarding Gift Vouchers
Though rare, it might happen that Crafter’s Collage’ Gift Voucher codes won’t work. If you do encounter such issues, do note that these codes are case sensitive. Always double check the codes and type in the correct form and case. You can get in touch with us at for more assistance.

You can transfer an Crafter’s Collage Gift Voucher if you want to and anyone can use it as long as they have a valid code. In case you lose your Gift Voucher, we advise you to contact the person from whom you received it. They can reissue you the voucher with the code. An Crafter’s Collage user can find the voucher code by simply logging into their account and going to the “My Orders” section.
Combining or adding a series of voucher codes towards a single transaction if necessary is facilitated. You can even combine your Gift Voucher(s) with a Credit/Debit Card payment to follow through with the transaction. Yes, Crafter’s Collage allows its users to use their Gift Vouchers along with their Credit/Debit Cards to pay against any order on our site. A user needs to apply the voucher code first, and then fill in their Credit/Debit Card details to cover the remaining balance.

Important notice: Crafter’s Collage DOES NOT permit combining one or more Gift Vouchers with a PayPal account payment. Crafter’s Collage Gift Vouchers currently CAN NOT be redeemed on our mobile site. Please use the desktop version of our website to redeem your Gift Vouchers.
If you want to buy an item on Crafter’s Collage that is less than what the Gift Voucher is worth, the remaining balance of that voucher appears as Credit in your Crafter’s Collage account. You can use it by default towards your next purchase with us. In case you don’t have an account with, you will be prompted to create one before the payment is processed in order to redeem your Gift Voucher with us. To enquire about the current credit balance in your Crafter’s Collage account, simply log into your account and navigate to the “My Credits” section and you can find the details of it there. This feature is currently unavailable on our mobile website. Please visit the desktop version of our site and follow these instructions there.

Important Notice: The amount of Credit issued towards any voucher will be automatically used towards your next purchase on A user DOES NOT have the option of paying in full using their Credit/Debit Card.
Crafter’s Collage allows its customers to return an item that was purchased with a Gift Voucher. Visit our Returns page for more information. All Crafter’s Collage refunds are made via the same method with which you had originally paid. If a user pays in full via a Gift Voucher, the refund is credited to their account as Credit to be used towards their next purchase. If a user pays with a combination of Gift Voucher and Credit/Debit Card, the refund of up to the original amount taken is done to their payment Card first, and the outstanding amount is refunded to their account as Credit to be used towards their next purchase with