Managing Your Account

Managing Listings

After having completed your registration for selling on, you will be directed to the steps required to list your products. Crafter’s Collage makes it easy for you to list your products one at a time. You can view your inventory as and when required. The information and procedure for listing products will vary depending on the type of product you are adding and on whether or not that product(s) is already in the catalogue.

Managing Orders

To view your orders, simply log into your account and navigate to the “My Orders” section. There you can find the details of your every order, their status, their payments, their shipment timings and return/refund status if any.

Protection against Fraud

Crafter’s Collage works in your best interest and does all it can to protect its sellers against fraudulent orders or similar activities, for more information kindly visit our Privacy Policy. For further assistance you can write to us at

Entertaining Customer Feedback

Your customers will leave feedback and ensuring that you get positive responses is critical to achieving and maintaining success on Be available and be regular in replying to their queries and inquiries. This way you can ensure that your customers identify you as a trustworthy seller and thus rate you high. This rating is visible to everyone who visits the marketplace and encourages them to purchase from you.