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  • Pay 5% on every order at Crafter’s Collage
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  • Other rates or fees may apply*
*PayPal sellers are not guaranteed to ever have a listing fee or other monthly fees. This is due to the fact that PayPal and companies like them are payment aggregators and charge their own fees.

By clicking the link above you are hereby agreeing to enroll in the Pay Anywhere Pay As You Go Program. In doing so, you will be redirected to the Pay Anywhere Enrollment Page. Please have your personal, business, and banking information available so you can complete the enrollment process. Upon completion, you will receive an application ID. Please forward that application ID so that we can complete your Crafter’s Collage Vendor Application accordingly.

By clicking the link above, I hereby agree to the Crafter’s Collage terms and conditions. I hereby acknowledge the fees that I will incur by selling on the Crafter’s Collage platform. I further acknowledge that I have been offered the Pay Anywhere Pay As You Go Program and I have declined that offer at this time. Moreover, I also accept their invitation to enroll at a later date and that I will receive a fee modification accordingly.