Spirit Animals have always been a part of my life. Being an animal lover doesn't hurt! Your Animal Totem is usually one that chooses you. Some use meditation to find their Totem, some simply experienced a sign that made it obvious. My favorite aspect of jewelry design is custom work, communicating one on one with someone to create the perfect piece. Recently, I had a customer want to match a Spirit Guide with the beads to a medicine wheel. It took several combinations, but I enjoyed it immensely! Pet lovers will also find many an animal in my collection to their liking. My paw print designs have been the most popular. They are made into necklaces, earrings and rear view mirror charms. I look at jewelry design as an artform. Along with over 85 different animals available on my site, I design statement necklaces and one of a kind jewelry, all handmade with purpose. As my beloved Momma once said, "tell a story with the piece". Using that philosophy, sometimes the piece tells a story...sometimes, a story creates the piece....it's all up to the materials I use, or the stories that I dream up. Either way, I follow their lead ? Come tell me your dream. Come share with me the words of your Totem Animal. Together, we will create what speaks to your soul.

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