How it works


The Crafter’s Collage is dedicated to offering more than just a marketplace for vendors to sell their goods and wares, or a place for customers to get handmade products. Our goal, and more importantly Our Work, is designed to help empower talented individuals and to truly create a community of individuals coming together to support the wants and needs in their local cities.​

Buying or Selling?​

Buying and selling on Crafter’s Collage is easy, and we offer a variety of buying and selling options that will benefit everyone. We even have franchise opportunities for everyday people at a price that anyone can afford. So check out all that we have to offer.

Communication is Key​

Crafter’s Collage has a rich and feature packed platform that is sure to impress the most critical of customer and vendors. And nothing is more amazing that our system of constant communication. From the preorder to the delivery and beyond, buyers and sellers can stay in constant communication to get real time updates no matter what the situation is.

The Gift That Can Keep On Giving​

We make it simple for you to give gifts to the ones you care about the most. Simply check out our gift certificates, select the ones you want, and we do the rest. It’s that simple. Furthermore, our gift certificates never expire and can be used with any artisan or crafter around the world.


We welcome new talent and never forget to appreciate skill no matter where we find it. Feel free to join if you want an exceptional podium to sell your handmade products online. Find out more at