Trusted Seller



An Crafter’s Collage Trusted Seller is the one that does evertything right and has the best rating from customers and from us. When you come to Crafter’s Collage, you are making us a partner in growth and success. We make sure that you are able to reach out to the most appreciative customers and make as many sales as possible through our platform. Therefore, we expect something in return too which is not much. Find out here what all you need to do to become an Crafter’s Collage Trusted Seller.


Before you post any product, make sure to conduct a proper research about it, about the creator (if you are a curator and not the artisan) and the ingredients that go into making it (if any). When it comes to deciding the price of the item, a carefully done research is always useful as it allows for detailed information overview and price comparison with other sellers / curators / artisans that might be selling the same item.


Other than the price that you set for your product, as a seller it is your responsibility to know what shipping methods would fit them best. This entails assessment of shipping costs that will accrue to the customer which should be posted along with your product price. If you want to attract more customers, you can add up the shipping and/or delivery charges in the final price of the product and display a “NO SHIPPING FEE” sign on your product.



When selling a product, you would be allowed to provide your customers with a variety of payment options that will include PayPal, credit cards, debit cards, online transfers & cash on delivery. However, Crafter’s Collage currently uses ONLY PayPal for all payments and transactions. The artisan is expected to comply with our payment policy until specified otherwise of inclusion of any other modes of payment by Crafter’s Collage.


This step in its entirety is your prerogative but remember that this is where price comparison comes into play. An artisan or a creator cannot be convinced to quote a lower price for a unique item that they have made with all their passion and talent. However, the market scenario is still that of beyond brutal competition and therefore, we suggest you to quote a price that is reasonable and does justice to your efforts and skill.


To become an Crafter’s Collage Trusted Seller you need to know about the leading search engines and how they function to show results of the product you sell. You should come up with a well-written advertisement that includes all the popular keywords that your potential customers use to search for your products. This increases your chances of attracting more people to your products thereby increasing your chances of making a sale.


Avoid the most common mistake these days which is of not posting photos. You need to keep your customers well informed about and interested in your products. Putting up some high resolution pictures of your merchandise will get you more attention from your potential buyers. Another reason for posting images is that it prevents your customers from thinking that you are a fake or a scam of some sort. So, always make sure that you post pictures of your products that show them in all angles and in complete view. They should be expandable so that a closer look is possible for their labels and information. Also ensure that you include written product details on the product page to accompany the images for the right impact.


As an Crafter’s Collage Trusted Seller you will be expected to listen to each one of your customers and respond to their issues and queries in a timely fashion. Seller feedback is important to customers as it instills trust and you get a sparkling reputation on This results in you being marked as a trusted seller with us by more and more online shoppers.


Be as professional online as you would be while running a traditional business at a physical store. The customer should be able to rely on you completely for any problems that may arise in any order that they place with you. We understand that your business is a distinct entity and that it has its own set of rules and policies, so set them clear from the start on your artisan profile. Also, make sure to accommodate the rules and Terms & Conditions set forth by as well to become an Crafter’s Collage Trusted Seller.